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Aveiro / Coimbra

Coimbra (29)Aveiro

CoimbraThe City of Coimbra has a mystique all its own, the result of a past full of relevant facts, and also the memories of many tens of thousands of Portuguese who, even today, scattered across the country or across borders, reminiscent of the years youth spent here, when attended the University, normally carefree times, mirth and hope.

 Aveiro – The Venice-Portuguese – Capital of Ria, a vast lagoon basin where the freshwater river Vouga mingle with the waters of the sea, Aveiro, intersected by streets where water slide moliceiros the colorful boats, is one of the most interesting cities in the Portuguese coast . Its foundation has occurred at the time of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Due to the existence of numerous web-footed birds that populated this area lagoon, his first name has been Aviarium.

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